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2014 Week Three Infographic: Houston Texans vs. New York Giants

Little brother Eli has turned into a turnover machine, and this week he faces the J.J. Watt and the Texans defense. I'm sure this will go well for the Giants.

So many choices for references with New York--"Escape from New York," "The Warriors," and "Ghostbusters "- too many to name. Little Giants is from my childhood and was an easy call. Why not make J.J. Watt a bigger giant and Eli Manning a little Giant? Right? Let's get into it.

Capt Ron:

Duane Brown; he needs to neutralize JPP, or it might be a long day for Fitzy.


Eli Manning. The Giants go as he goes. If the Texans can force him to turn it over two or more times, Houston will win the game.


Definitely Eli Manning. The team is clearly struggling to learn its new complicated offense, and Eli's got the responsibility to make it work. If Eli struggles, there might be point and laugh moments in the game.


Arian Foster. Fitzpatrick's success so far has been due to Arian keeping Fitz from having to throw much, and with NYG's LBs banged up, Foster should have the same Fitz-limiting success again.

John Monahan:

The Giants' offensive line. It's been flat-out putrid since the start of 2013 (maybe longer), and if that holds true against the Texans it's gonna be a looooooooong game for the Giants and their fans. - John Monahan

Matthew Weston:
The Giants had one of the worst offensive lines in the league last year, but after watching the ARI game, they are probably mediocre. But it's hard to get a read on the O-Line and run game since they just played two of the best five run defenses in the NFL these first two weeks.

I'm going with Karrem Jackson vs. Victor Cruz. The Giants are running a lot of three WR sets in this new offense that focuses on short passes. When offenses use this personell Houston has been responding with their Dime formation with 3 safeties (Swearinger, Manning, Lewis), three corners (Jackson, Joseph, Bouye) one linebacker (Cushing or Mohamed), and four DL (a combo of Reed, Watt, Mercilus, Crick, Jamison). In this defense, Jackson has played the slot, with Joseph and Bouye on the outside.  The Giants have been using Cruz in the slot a ton. Cruz has had a rough start and has dropped some passes, but he's their best receiver and I expect the Giants to throw a ton in this game to try and get a lead.

David Corzo:

Just to be different, Bill O'Brien is my X Factor. Too often we saw the Texans ill-prepared on the road under Kubiak.

Unlike the Raiders, the Giants have a strong track record at the two most important elements of a football team: QB and head coach. Just because they've struggled the past two years doesn't mean they're not dangerous.

If the Texans play sharp, mistake-free football, then O'Brien is doing his job, win or lose.

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