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Monday Night Football Open Thread: Bears @ Jets

Join us for a little pants optional football watching action, and help me figure out who ate all the coconut chips.

Al Bello

Sadly, the 19-0 season we all dreamed about after your Houston Texans started out 2-0 will never come to be.  I guess this means the remaining 1972 Miami Dolphins can safely keep their Texans voodoo doll in storage another year.  Too bad.

Really, can you think of any other way to numb the sadness than covering your bed with a plastic sheet, pouring corn oil all over yourself, and rolling all over the bed WHEEEE!!! joining us at BRB for a Monday Night Open Thread?  You can't possibly say no.  Another game will come next week when the Texans battle Mario Williams and the Buffalo Bills, so don't you fret.  Never thought I'd see Mario in a different uniform, I can tell you.

For the usual reasons, open thread rules apply, so please be kind and respectful to each other because I'm already tired of using the banhammer this year because derp.