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When, If Ever, Do You Expect To See Ryan Mallett First Get Meaningful Snaps For The Houston Texans In 2014?

With Ryan Fitzpatrick looking so bad against the Giants, when do Texans fans think they could see Ryan Mallett get real snaps under center for the team this season? Comment and cast your vote in a BRB poll.

Will we see No. 15 in action again soon?
Will we see No. 15 in action again soon?
Bob Levey

A few weeks ago, I asked how many games you thought Ryan Mallett would play (not start) for the 2014 Houston Texans. At the time, I wrote:

Barring injury or Ryan Fitzpatrick looking utterly overmatched for several weeks in a row, I can't see Ryan Mallett taking a snap at QB for the 2014 Houston Texans unless the season reaches a point much later in the year (e.g., November or December) when it becomes clear the team should be focusing on evaluating players for 2015 and beyond. Even then, it's entirely possible that Bill O'Brien would prefer to see Tom Savage in action instead of Mallett.

I've already been proven wrong, as Mallett did get a handful of snaps, albeit virtually meaningless ones at the end of a game that had long been decided, in Week Two against the Raiders. Putting the latest chapter of "Tim's An Idiot" aside (coming out in paperback in time for the holidays!), I wanted to reexamine the question in the wake of Ryan Fitzpatrick's wretched performance against the Giants a couple of days ago.

I still don't expect Bill O'Brien to make a change at QB any time soon, if at all this season. But that's just me. Your opinion may differ, which is why I'm asking you to sound off in the poll and then elaborate on your rationale in the Comments below.

Assuming Ryan Fitzpatrick stays healthy, what week of the 2014 regular season, if any, do you believe Ryan Mallett will take his first meaningful (read: we're not counting snaps at the very end of a game where the final score has already been decided, such as what we saw him do against the Raiders) snap under center for the Houston Texans?

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