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Houston Texans Vine Rewind: Texans vs. Giants

This past weekend's Texans-Giants highlights are now on a constant loop, courtesy of Vine, on Battle Red Blog.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Vine Rewind is a bit behind schedule. The train keeps on moving, because why do you need a reason to show off DeAndre Hopkins' one-handed catch again? Here another around of the Texans highlights and lowlights from Week Three on a constant loop.

I'm not sure if any can block J.J. Watt anymore.  He is the highlander.

Sign up Shane Lechler for quarterback.

The honeymoon is over for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This whole red zone defensive turnover thing is something I could get accustomed to.

Just a reminder the Giants aren't much better than the Texans. It's humbling.

Vine of the Week: Hopkins is a freak of nature.

Dear Offensive Line:  The first move on fourth down should not be backwards.

Hopkins in the slot may be a new weapon for the Texans going forward.

Alfred Blue has shown some shiftiness, but he still needs to see the correct hole.

Hey, look! The Texans' slot receiver scored!  What kind of witchcraft is this?

Aggie on Aggie crime.

Fitzmagic isn't real.

Fitzpatrick attempting to avoid throwing another interception, so he takes it in himself.

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