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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Saints v. Cowboys

Tonight the New Orleans Saints visit AT&T Stadium to play the Dallas Cowboys. Talk Sunday Night Football on Battle Red Blog.

 "Six Flags Over Mediocrity"
"Six Flags Over Mediocrity"
Tom Pennington

With a record of 1-2, the Saints enter Jerrah's "Six Flags Over Mediocrity" (props to MDC for that nickname) in an effort to  even their record out after an 0-2 start to their the season.  The Cowboys will attempt to defend their home turf tonight after starting the season 2-1.

The 3rd-ranked offense of the Saints, led by Drew Brees, is going to test the 22nd-ranked Cowboys defense on one side of this NFC tilt.  On the other side, the 12th-ranked offense of Dallas will try to exploit the 24th ranked defense of New Orleans.  Breaking things down a bit further, the Saints' passing game is ranked 5th in the league, with their running game ranked 6th overall.  The Cowboys have a strong running game that is ranked 3rd overall, but their passing game, led by Tony Romo, is a dismal 24th in the league.  Never change, baby!

Both teams' defenses could be blown wide open tonight for a very high scoring game.  The over/under for this game is currently set at 53, which is the highest value for any game being played this week in the NFL.  I'm going with the "over," and I think the Saints win this with a score of 35-24.

Your 3-1 (WOOT!!!) Houston Texans will be visiting the Cowboys next week, so take notes tonight while enjoying your favorite cold beverage.  The floor is yours for commenting, and the normal rules apply.