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Bills v. Texans: Second Quarter Open Thread

This post just went three-and-out.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Fitzpatrick's beard makes perfect sense in one way: it makes his role as Goofus to J.J. Watt's Gallant that much more clear.

Watt plays defense; HoboQB ostensibly plays offense.

Watt is amazing; HoboQB is terrible.

Watt is clean-shaven; HoboQB's face looks like a wooly mammoth giving birth.

Watt shuts down the Bills; HoboQB shuts down his own team.

Watt gives his fans hope of a better future; HoboQB gives heartburn to people who watch him (he doesn't technically have fans).

Watt is everything you want in a player; HoboQB is everything you want in a player on the other team.

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