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Houston Texans Vine Rewind: Texans vs. Bills

This past weekend's Texans-Bills highlights are now on a constant loop, courtesy of Vine, on Battle Red Blog.

He is, however, a man of many wristbands.
He is, however, a man of many wristbands.
Thomas B. Shea

Who would have guessed J.J. Watt would have more touchdowns already this season then Arian Foster and Andre Johnson combined? Who would have guessed the Texans would be 3-1 after four games? Either way, let's just enjoy the ride. Here is another around of the Texans highlights and lowlights from Week Four on a constant loop.

Mini-Watt gets in on the sack action in the first.

No one picks a fight with the Mountain.

Ya know, this Hopkins kid might be something.

Too much beard for one chest bump.

Vine of the Week: J.J. Watt does it all, including getting quarterbacks drafted in the first round benched.

Ryan Fitzpatrick doing his best Brett Favre impression.

Look the Texans play all three phases of football now! Special teams is actually playing their butts off.

Randy can boom it with the best of them.

If anyone has any vine requests for next week's Vine Rewind, him me up on Twitter at @d_more55.

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