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Houston Texans Cut Shiloh Keo, Elevate Josh Aubrey To 53-Man Roster

The Texans made a few roster moves today, cutting a veteran safety, bringing a young safety up off the practice squad, and re-signing a locally beloved wide receiver back the practice squad. Read Battle Red Blog for more details.

Grant Halverson

An era has ended, Texans fans.

I'll wait while you regain your composure.


There. You gonna be okay? You need to be strong. Be strong for Shiloh! Don't weep for him. He's gonna get through this.

No one can ever take the memory of Shiloh Keo as a Houston Texan away from you. In your dreams, you'll always see Shiloh soar above the sky. You'll keep a part of him with you. Everywhere Shiloh Keo is, there you'll be.

Please welcome Keo's replacement on the 53-man roster.

You might remember Aubrey from such posts as "Houston Texans Roster Cuts: Ankrah & Labhart Waived, Sapp & Aubrey Signed" or, ummmmmm, this post. Definitively showing that for every door that closes a window opens, Travis Labhart is back in the warm bosom of Houston. Let us cling to that in this time of sorrow.

Best of luck to Shiloh Keo as he looks to continue his football career elsewhere.

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