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Thursday Night Football Open Thread: Packers @ Seahawks

This time, it counts! /Zelasko'd Take those pants off, grab the drink of your choice, grab one for me, make me a sammich, and join us for hawt football action between the Packers and Seahawks.

Fear the bea...oh, who am I kidding?
Fear the bea...oh, who am I kidding?
Justin Edmonds

It's here.

It's finally.  Freaking.  Here.

We don't get to start getting the ashtray taste of the 2013 season out of our mouths just yet, but football that counts is back.  Tonight, there are a couple teams playing.  I don't know who they are.  The Baggage Carriers vs. the Seabirds or something.  I think we can all agree they are completely inconsequential teams.

Regardless, real football is back.  We'll get to the important teams on Sunday.

Usual open thread rules apply,  I'm doing a fantasy football draft, so be kind to each other tonight.  Thread may cause nausea, chafing, or Peyronie's Disease.  Pants are strictly forbidden in this thread.