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Sponsored Post: Who Will Be The Most Consistent Houston Texan in 2014?

Because Marshall Faulk and GMC asked, let us call our shot and answer that query as it pertains to your Houston Texans.

Consistency personified.
Consistency personified.
Bob Levey

When a Hall of Famer not named Michael Irvin asks a question, he deserves an answer. Especially when it's about your Houston Texans.

Marshall Faulk tweets:

The easy answer is J.J. Watt. A slightly less automatic answer is Andre Johnson, though the uncertainty surrounding the Texans' QB situation and 'Dre's relative unfamiliarity with Bill O'Brien's offense makes it a more arguable issue than it was under Gary Kubiak. But we don't strive for the road most frequently traveled here on Battle Red Blog. We take the road less traveled by, for it makes all the difference.

I therefore nominate Duane Brown as the answer to this question. If D. Brown is not the best left tackle in the league, he's one of the top three and has been for the last several seasons. You can set your watch by him, and that is the mark of consistency.  It is also the mark of a good watch.

What say you, BRB?

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