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2014 Week One Infographic: Houston Texans vs. Washington Redskins

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends, I'm so glad you could attend. Come inside.

Welcome back to another Texans season. This year we've added one more thing to the weekly infographic: x-factors. X-factors is a weekly question posed to the BRB writers and the opposing team's writers. That question is: Who will be this week's x-factor?  Let's get to it.

Who will be the X-factor in Sunday's Texans-Redskins game?

My answer would be RGIII and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Whoever is smarter with the ball and/or in the face of the pass rush should emerge as the winning QB. - Tim

Derek Newton and Duane Brown's ability to keep Orakpo and Kerrigan from getting to the already mistake ridden Fitzpatrick. - Matt

How well the Redskins deal with Watt/Clowney, especially when those two are lined up on the same side. If the line panics, RG3 is in for a really, really long. - MDC

I agree with the Redskins dealing with Watt/Clowney, but just to throw another idea out there I'll say how well the Texans deal with Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon on the outside. Two excellent playmakers, could get ugly if they have free reign on the secondary. - John

I'd say the secondary. If we get pressure, they'll look good no matter what. If the Washington franchise can handle our pass rush, they're going to need to be on their game. - Alex

No LB or S on Houston can hang with Jordan Reed. If Jay Gruden works that scheme, in addition to Djax blowing the top off the defense - could get ugly. - Chris

I'd say Cushing is a key X-factor. When he is on his game, the entire defense becomes legendary. Unfortunately, he may need a couple of games to get the rust off after seeing very little action in camp. If he can show up in mid-season form, a heavily abused term these days, and shut down the run while bringing blitz options; it will keep the secondary from getting exposed with long coverage assignments, and be the catalyst to ignite the Watt/Clowney demolition. - Captain Ron

What does this Texans offense look like when Bill O'Brien is executing a real game plan? If things go wrong, how fast and how effectively does he adjust? - Brett

Given the general flaccidness of the Redskins defense in 2013, I am looking at Keenan Robinson as the real x-factor for the Redskins on Sunday. Unlike the legend he replaces (London Fletcher), Robinson is fast enough to hang with the new breed of tight end while also possessing the physical abilities to stick his nose in there to stop the run. If he plays at even a slightly above average level, it could swing the game in our favor. - Ken Meringolo, Hogs Haven

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