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Open Game Day Thread 2nd Quarter: Texans v. Redskins

Continue the conversation about the Houston Texans-Washington Redskins in the live open thread on Battle Red Blog.

"Ah, we got this!"
"Ah, we got this!"
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

What is your prediction for the halftime score?  What do you expect to hear from coach O'Brien as he gets interviewed heading into the locker room?  What will he say to the team?  How will they respond in the second half?

Keep the action going as the Texans battle it out in this first half of the regular season opener at NRG Stadium.  Say it with me....DEFENSE!  DEFENSE!  DEFENSE!

Let's see the $100M Defensive Player of the Year rock multiple sacks!

Do it for David Quessenberry!