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Monday Night Football Open Thread (Part I): Giants @ Lions

It's a MNF doubleheader! Join Battle Red Blog for the first of two primetime games tonight as a light-ish blue team from Michigan takes on a dark-ish blue team from New York.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Still hungover after the first Sunday of regular season football of the year? Of course you are. To help soothe your undoubtedly strained vocal chords and pounding temples, ESPN has two more games on tap tonight. First up, the New York Giants are visiting the Detroit Lions.

Key players to watch

All eyes should be on Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush when the Lions are on offense. Johnson is still arguably the most dominant offensive football player on the planet, but Reggie Bush has a reputation for explosive production in his own right. When not watching the skill positions, keep your eye on right guard Larry Warford. A third round pick a year ago, Warford took over and immediately stabilized the Detroit offensive line as a dominant interior presence. If Bush breaks off any big runs tonight, expect them to be behind #75.

For the Giants, I know I’ll be watching to see what Rashad Jennings brings to the table as New York’s new lead running back. Quick, powerful, and a surprisingly effective receiver, Jennings has mostly been held back by his own health in his six year career. In a run-heavy west coast offense that wants to limit Eli Manning’s pass attempts, Jennings could be the glue that holds everything together.


If the Giants have one weakness, it is the offensive line – the same offensive line that has to go up against the duo of Ndamukong Suh and Ziggy Ansah. I do not like those odds. At the same time, Detroit has a disgusting array of weapons outside of Megatron and Bush including but not limited to Joique Bell, Golden Tate, and Eric Ebron. Offense? Check. Pass rush? Check.

Detroit 31, New York 17.

Consider this your open thread for tonight’s Monday Night Football opener. Go crazy, BRB…but not too crazy.