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2015 Houston Texans Offseason

If it was discussed or occurred after the 2014 NFL season and before the 2015 NFL season, it should be found here.

BRO: Mallett To Run For QB Under 3rd Party Ticket

Proudly distributing sensationalized rubbish since 2010. Ryan Mallett may have lost the battle at quarterback, but he hasn't yet lost the war.

Brian Hoyer Is The Starting QB, But For How Long?

Bill O'Brien has chosen a starting QB for the 2015 Houston Texans. History tells us that doesn't mean he won't change his mind.

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14 Teams Have Scouts At Texans-49ers Game Tonight

Andre Johnson Not "Getting Back" At Texans

Another article has surfaced with quotes from Andre Johnson. In this one, he stresses that he is focused on being a Colt and trying to win a Super Bowl to get a championship ring, but he still seems to have lingering feelings with the Texans.

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Texans Have Fewest Arrests In The NFL

Did The Texans Intend To Draft RB Melvin Gordon?

Houston is lacking star power on offense with the latest loss of Arian Foster to a groin injury. A source, reportedly with the team, suggests that the Texans wanted to select Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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J.J. Watt Gets Adorable Surprise From Little Girl

John Harris Talks Day Two Of Texans Training Camp

One of the best analysts around shared what he saw on the Houston Texans' second day of training camp. See what John Harris said and talk about it all on Battle Red Blog.

How Many Impact Years Make Clowney A Good Pick?

What is the minimum number of years of high impact performance, while playing for the Houston Texans, Texans fans would need to consider Jadeveon Clowney being worth the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft? Texans fans answer that query.

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Vince Wilfork Makes Child's Day

J.J. Watt Continues To Make Houstonians Swoon

If the title of this post was a book, I reckon we'd be on about Chapter 3,298 by now. Check out how the best player in the NFL set Houstonian hearts aflutter anew.

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Which Texans' Health Are Most Critical For The Team In 2015?

Tania Ganguli has listed five players the Texans absolutely need to keep healthy throughout the season for us to have any hope of success. Is your top five different from hers?

Texans Single Game Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

For those of you who are planning to catch a few Texans games from the comfort of upper deck stadium seating, single game tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning on Ticketmaster.

2015 Houston Texans Rookies: Did You Know?

The Houston Texans' PR department does a nice job of putting out facts and information Texans fans might not have know. In this post, BRB uses some factoids about a handful of the Texans' rookies as a launching pad for discussion.

Brady Suspension Upheld, Bell Suspension Reduced

The appeal decisions for the suspensions of Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell have finally been handed down by the league offices in New York. Although the Houston Texans aren't directly involved, fans react to the news on Battle Red Blog.

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Just Being The Best RB He Can Be, Man

The fine folks over at Texans PR have highlighted what a treasure we have in Arian Foster. While Foster's off-field personality may rub some the wrong way, his on-field skills have proven essential to the Texans' success, because our offense goes as he goes.

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Will Vince Wilfork And Louis Nix Noticeably Change This Stat For The Texans?

Since 2013, the Houston Texans have only 3 QB hits by either a Defensive Tackle or a Nose Tackle. — Pro Football Focus (@PFF) July 23, 2015

Texans Can Win Championship Without A "Super QB"

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair revealed quite a bit in a recent interview. Take a look at his comments about the Texans' QB situation and join the conversation with fellow fans.

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PFF: DeAndre Hopkins Has The Best Hands In The NFL

Houston Texans Sign Aaron Adams

Learn more about the Texans' newest offensive tackle on Battle Red Blog.

Introduce Yourself To The BRB Community!

Another season, another opportunity for everyone to come out of the shadows and introduce themselves to their fellow Texans fans. Our long summer hibernation is almost over; it's time to wake up and smell the pigskin!

"I'm In The Capital Of BBQ...I'm Gonna Learn"

After years in New England, the Texans' new nose tackle pledges to take advantage of one of the many benefits to living in Houston. Houstonia Magazine has the interview.

Ryan Mallett, Starting QB = AFC South Championship

So goes the theory espoused by's Dave Dameshek. Do Texans fans agree?

See The Texans' "Hard Knocks" Mission Control Room

The crew of HBO's critically acclaimed "Hard Knocks" series has been busy preparing to feature the Houston Texans for this season. See how they are wiring NRG Stadium for the action that all starts next week.

Texans Training Camp Tickets Available At 10 A.M.!

The Houston Texans will have six training camp practices open to the public, and the free tickets to those practices will be gobbled up quickly. Find out how to get them on Battle Red Blog.

Texans' "Hard Knocks": Vote For A Favorite Story

HBO cameras will be capturing behind-the-scenes footage of your Houston Texans during training camp soon. What are you most interested to see? Place your vote and join the conversation.

Pre-Training Camp Expectations For Kevin Johnson

As the dog days of camp creep ever closer, what should fans expect from a Pro Bowl talent in Kevin Johnson that inexplicably fell to the middle of the first round in the draft? BRB's Masthead discusses.

Clowney Rehab Update: He "Looks Spectacular"

The first overall pick from the 2014 NFL Draft is benefiting from a cutting-edge treatment while recovering from the knee surgery that prematurely ended his rookie season. The latest news is VERY positive.

Texans Training Camp: Open Practice Dates Revealed

For those of you who are lucky enough to be able to take a day off and sit in on Texans training camp, this year's open practice dates have been announced. Not only that, but Houston area fans also get something extra special this year - free HBO!

Texans Release Epic Training Camp Hype Video

Unless you are a baseball fan, summer is pretty much the worst part of the sports calendar. Luckily for us, the Texans have put out an amazing video to remind us what kind of sweet, sweet football goodness is just around the corner.

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FanPost: 4 Reasons Why Texans Will Win AFC South

One Texans fan explains precisely why the Colts' run atop the division ends in 2015.

Arian Foster Buys Textbooks For College Student

Break up the monotony of stories about NFL people behaving badly with a truly heartwarming story of one of the best running backs in the NFL responding to a fan's request for help.

Texans Rank 12th In "Fan Quality" Study

A cross between social media analytics and revenue statistics has birthed this study by the Sports Analytics Research Blog. Check out where the Texans rank compared to the rest of the NFL.

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Andre Johnson Celebrates His Birthday With A Colts Cake

Photoshop Battle: J.J. Watt's Ridiculous Face

Do you have photoshop skills, a fine appreciation for getting a cheap laugh, and absolutely nothing better to do on a Friday? Join us as BRB has some fun together at the expense of J.J. Watt's perfectly expressive mug.

Bryant, Thomas Pave Way For Huge Hopkins Contract

If you thought Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas got big deals for a wide receiver, just wait until you see what kind of cash DeAndre Hopkins is on pace to earn in just a few years. SPOILER ALERT: It's enough to buy a small island nation.