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2015 NFL Draft

All of Battle Red Blog's content relating to the 2015 NFL Draft.

Should The Texans Exercise Kevin Johnson’s Fifth-Year Option?

What would you do?

Is The Pressure On Jaelen Strong In 2016?

The clock ticks for us all. But is it ticking louder or faster for the second-year Texans wide receiver based upon how his rookie season unfolded and the arrival of two rookie wideouts?

2016 BRB NFL Mock Draft: The Broncos Select...

Check out whether Denver is going to address the run game, the passing game, or the defense. Battle Red Blog's annual mock draft rolls on.

2016 BRB Weekly NFL Mock Draft Thread, Version 11

As of right now, we have Brock Osweiler, Brian Hoyer, and Tom Savage as our quarterbacks. If that gives you warm fuzzies, awesome. If it doesn't, click inside and fix the position (and plus the rest of the holes in the roster while you're at it).

2016 BRB Weekly NFL Mock Draft Thread, Version 8.0

It's Not Quite Friday, so it's Mock Draft Day! Make your picks and let us know why you're picking this guy, and not that one. Also, Tom Savage don't care!

2016 BRB Weekly NFL Mock Draft Thread, Version 7.0

It's Thursday, so it's Mock Draft day! Get your mocks ready, and tell us why you're selecting this guy and not that one.

2016 BRB Weekly NFL Mock Draft Thread, Version 5.0

It's our fifth weekly Mock Draft thread. Post, discuss, and debate your mocks inside each week as we fantasize in the run-up to the 2016 NFL Draft.

2016 NFL Draft Prospects By Position: Tackles

We're taking another look at the fat guys along the line. Today we're studying the tackles. Come inside to see who's top-rated, and discuss how we should handle the position next season.

2016 BRB Weekly NFL Mock Draft Thread, Version 4.0

It's our fourth weekly Mock Draft thread. Post, discuss, and debate your mocks inside each week as we fantasize in the run-up to the 2016 NFL Draft.

Did The Texans Intend To Draft RB Melvin Gordon?

Houston is lacking star power on offense with the latest loss of Arian Foster to a groin injury. A source, reportedly with the team, suggests that the Texans wanted to select Wisconsin RB Melvin Gordon in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Houston Texans Predictably Cut Brandon Ivory

The Texans have never been a team to put up with off the field shenanigans, and that goes double for undrafted rookies who have yet to earn their place on the roster. Goodbye, Brandon Ivory; we hardly knew ye.

Brandon Ivory Arrested, Charged With Burglary

While the Houston Texans have typically had players steer clear of the police blotter, the undrafted rookie free agent from Alabama broke with tradition today. Not coincidentally, that likely bodes poorly for his future in Houston.

Bill O'Brien Explains His Team-Building Philosophy

Size does matter...or at least it does in Houston. The worldwide leader in sports sat down with Texans head coach Bill O'Brien recently to discuss how he builds his ideal team.

Texans' 2015 NFL Draft Trades Explained by O'Brien

Houston's head coach shares insight on why the Texans traded up to acquire Benardrick McKinney and Jaelen Strong in the latest NFL Draft.

Poll Question: Are You Afraid Of Marcus Mariota?

Another year, another division rival to the Texans spends a top three draft pick on a quarterback. Should Houston be scared of the latest highly-touted signal caller to enter the AFC South?

Titans Thunderdome: Two Men Enter; One Man Leaves

If you thought Zach Mettenberger was just going to give the Titans' starting QB job to Marcus Mariota, you were sorely mistaken. Texans fans will enjoy this.

Best Pick And Worst Pick Of The Texans' 2015 Draft

Why wait for a silly thing like actual football games or training camp? The aftermath of the NFL Draft is all about declaring immediate success and failure. One analyst gives his take on the best and worst draft picks in the AFC South.

Texans 6th Overall In 2015 NFL Draft Power Ranking

The Texans did pretty well for themselves in the latest draft, at least in theory. See how they measure up against other NFL teams in this latest power rankings list.

Jadeveon Clowney Has Some Advice For Dante Fowler

The first overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft has been where the third overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft is now, and Jadeveon Clowney has words of wisdom for the Jaguars' rookie.

Texans Rookie Minicamp Open Thread

The oodles of Texans rookies, both drafted and otherwise, will report to minicamp this weekend. Get the updates here on Battle Red Blog.

All 2015 Texans Draft Picks Have Been Signed

See which of the two newest Texans have contracts that are already public information on Battle Red Blog.

Lynden Trail Interview: One Of The Texans' UDFAs

Termed "mysterious" in the pre-draft process, Lynden Trail signed with the Houston Texans as an UDFA. Read more about him in an interview conducted by NFL Draft Lab's Cody Tewmey.

Which Texans' Draftee Of 2015 Excites You Most?

With the full arsenal of Texans 2015 draftees known, Texans fans declare which player they await with most baited breath.

A Complete List Of Texans 2015 Draft Picks & UDFAs

With the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, here's a quick look at everyone the Houston Texans drafted and signed as undrafted free agent rookies.

Rivers' 2015 Texans Shadow Draft

A fake team drafts real players at Houston's spots. Check out Rivers McCown's shadow draft for the Houston Texans.

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5 Misconceptions About The Texans' Draft Picks

If there is one thing I hate, its groupthink. I hate it. Someone says something and then it all of a sudden becomes gospel. Let's clear some things up.

Jaelen Strong Chose #11 For A Reason...Vengeance

That's it! I'm buying a Jaelen Strong jersey. Premature impulsive purchases be damned, this kid has stolen my heart.

Q&A On Jaelen Strong With House Of Sparky

Brett turns to our collegiate sister blog, House of Sparky, to get the skinny on what makes new Texans wideout Jaelen Strong so special.

Rounding Up The NFL Draft Grades For The Texans

As is tradition, various pundits and experts have taken to the internet to tell Texans fans how well their favorite team did or did not do in the Draft. To making things easier on y'all, we've got all of these grades right here in one place.

Smith, O'Brien On Expectations For McKinney/Strong

The dynamic duo atop the Houston Texans roster explained the thinking behind trading up for both their second- and third-round draft picks.

Houston Texans UDFA Tracker (Multiple Updates)

Chat here about undrafted free agent crushes, wishes, and news now that the 2015 NFL Draft is over, along with updated list of signees.

A Complete List Of All Texans 2015 Draft Picks

With the 2015 NFL Draft in the books, here's a quick look at everyone the Houston Texans drafted over the last three days.

Texans Select LSU Running Back In 7th Round

Another LSU Tiger joins the running back crew for the Texans. Share your thoughts with other fans in the conversation on this final pick of the draft for Houston.

2015 NFL Draft: Seventh Round Open Thread

Powered by gallons of coffee (and all the donuts BFD hasn't filched) we keep on trucking. The final round of the draft is going on, and we're here, obsessive to the end.

2015 NFL Draft: Sixth Round

The latest, but not the last, round of the NFL Draft will bring two shiny new people to our team. Follow along and obsess about the process inside.

2015 NFL Draft: Fourth Round Open Thread

Kicking off Saturday with the 4th Round. Where oh where will the Rick Smith Carousel take us? Talk about it on Battle Red Blog live as the draft unfolds.