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2015 NFL Mock Draft: With The Twenty-Fifth Pick, The Carolina Panthers Select Two Times...

In our rumbling, bumbling, stumbling NFL mock draft bizarro world, the Carolina Panthers will select twice, thanks to malfeasance by a member of the masthead. Explanation herein.

Harry How/Getty Images

Being the responsible person that he is, TexanStro sent in his selection for the 25th pick a few days ago because he was leaving for vacation. I thanked him at the time and vowed to get the post up when it was due, or at least forward the email to someone.

I did not.

The 25th pick came up and I totally blanked that he had sent it in already. Thus, fellow BRB reader Sugel Mendoza was commissioned by kdentify to make the pick and write-up. I get tapped to write the post, and presto change-o my memory kicks back in; I scroll back through my emails and I'm stuck with two different write-ups from two different writers.

So what am I to do? Do what's only fair and honor both picks, of course.


With the 25th pick in the BRB Mock Draft, the Carolina Panthers Select Breshad Perriman (WR--UCF)

I really don't know why I picked the Panthers... At 25, I guess it presents a bit of a challenge. I gotta say I'm not in love with anyone, especially for this teams needs.  Tackle needs to be addressed, but I feel there's solid value in the next few rounds for that.  The defense is stout, could use a corner, and Collins and Jones are still here. But... I'm kind of a sucker for speed, and Cam needs a true deep threat.

That's why I'm writing Breshad Perriman's name on the card and turning that mofo in.  Why? Legit 4.2 speed (possibly faster), exceptional catch radius and NFL bloodlines all wrapped in a nearly 6'3 214 lb body.  In my view, Perriman complements Benjamin very well, and he's shown he's not afraid to go over the middle. What about the drops? Well, from what I gather from UCF fans, their QB has very little to no touch on his passes, and threw awkwardly quite a bit, so its not all on Perriman, and his catch highlights speak for themselves.

Bottom line is, out of all the options, Perriman teamed with Benjamin creates a dynamic 1-2 combo for our favorite Dannon yogurt sponsor, and the fact a tackle can be had in the 2nd round, lured me like a giddy schoolgirl to that sweet, sweet 4.2 speed.  After all, you can't teach fast.

Sugel Mendoza:

With the 25th pick in the BRB Mock Draft, the Carolina Panthers Select Andrus Peat (OT--Stanford)

Steve Smith, Sr. leaving in 2014 was their biggest offseason storyline, but perhaps their biggest loss was that of Jordan Gross, who protected the blind side of Carolina QBs for a decade. Gross retired after a breakthrough season for the Panthers, leaving the Panthers offensive line in disarray. Gross’ retirement forced the Panthers to shift Byron Bell from the right side to the left. This experiment went…exactly as expected.

The Panthers’ biggest need is in the trenches, as they need to open up holes for their running game and protect Cam Newton for them to have any success from their 16th ranked offense. That’s why I’m taking Stanford OT, Andrus Peat with the 25th pick.

Earning PAC-12 second team honors as a sophomore and second team All-American as a junior, Peat anchored the Stanford Cardinal offensive line for three years before declaring for the NFL Draft. Standing at 6’7" and weighing in at 317 pounds with an arm length of 34 3/8th, Peat is the ideal size for a left tackle. Peat is a monster, physically, with broad shoulders and thick legs. In addition to that, he is very quick, which is a huge plus when dealing with speed rushers. Has outstanding balance, a wide base and can use his leverage against overmatched defenders.

Peat isn’t without flaws, however. Has a bad habit of bending at the waist, causing him to lean into defenders. Can certainly improve in run blocking, but has the size to do so. Has been labeled soft at times. Can lack consistency at times and lets his technique slip. If he can shore that up, he can be a monster left tackle and Cam Newton’s best friend for several years to come. A player as talented as this is a hell of a value at the bottom of the 1st round.

Just like that, these hypothetical Panthers get two late first round picks thanks to my utter incompetence. My apologies to both writers, my fellow members of the masthead, and the rest of the pickers on the list. Hopefully your draft board won't be too shaken with this unprecedented double pick.

Huge thanks to Sugel for pitching in when asked, and an extra apology to TexanStro for making him share the spotlight. Hope you enjoyed your vacation at least.

Leave your thoughts on the picks down below, readers. Both picks deserve your equal consideration.

Recapping the first round of the 2015 BRB Mock Draft so far...

Player Drafted
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers hlc1221 Jameis Winston QB FSU
2. Cleveland Browns (From Tennessee) Caprock High Football Leonard Williams DE/DT USC
3. Jacksonville Jaguars AFBuzz Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
4. Oakland Raiders HTown5 Amari Cooper WR Alabama
5. Washington Redskins BriceMcCainHOF Randy Gregory DE/LB Nebraska
6. New York Jets WotanTX Marcus Mariota QB Oregon
7. Chicago Bears DaJarBot Dante Fowler Jr OLB Florida
8. Atlanta Falcons grandmasteroz Alvin Dupree DE/OLB Kentucky
9. New York Giants Coolbreeze3 Danny Shelton DT Washington
10. St. Louis Rams El Torito Brandon Scherff OT Iowa
11 Minnesota Vikings Puma028 DeVante Parker WR Louisville
12. Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland) Huggy The Bear Shane Ray DE Missouri
13. New Orleans Saints UTBawse23 Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
14. Miami Dolphins Bleyd La'el Collins OT LSU
15. San Francisco 49ers fredy05 Rivers McCown Kevin White WR West Virginia
16. Houston Texans BRB Masthead Eric Kendricks ILB UCLA
17. San Diego Chargers traviscogg Owamagbe Odighizuwa DE/OLB UCLA
18. Kansas City Chiefs


Rivers McCown

Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M
19.Tennessee Titans (From Cleveland via Buffalo) Huggy The Bear Todd Gurley RB Georgia
20. Philadelphia Eagles Phillip Dorsett
21. Cincinnati Bengals Free Range Malcolm Brown DT Texas
22. Pittsburgh Steelers bigralph Landon Collins S Alabama
23. Detroit Lions BostonianToro Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin
24. Arizona Cardinals bt20 Eli Harold DE/OLB Virginia
25. Carolina Panthers


Sugel Mendoza

Breshad Perriman

Andrus Peat





26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out

27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll

28. Denver Broncos BNew417

29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption

30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099

31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23

32. New England Patriots MD.Texan

Pick Due By...
26. Baltimore Ravens Three and Out 4/18 @ 7 p.m.
27. Dallas Cowboys Roll.Texans.Roll 4/19 @ Noon
28. Denver Broncos BNew417 4/19 @ 7 p.m.
29. Indianapolis Colts Schaubshank Redemption 4/20 @ Noon
30. Green Bay Packers FeedEmToTheWolves8099 4/20 @ 7 p.m.
31. New Orleans Saints (From Seattle) UTBawse23 4/21 @ Noon
32. New England Patriots MD.Texan 4/21 @ 7 p.m.