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2015 NFL Playoffs

All of BRB's content leading up to, during, and immediately after the 2015 NFL Playoffs, which just so happen to feature your AFC South Champion Houston Texans.

Why The NFL Is Wrong About Saying "Super Bowl"

The NFL hates it when someone uses "Super Bowl" in an ad. But do they really have a leg to stand on when they send out cease-and-desist letters? (No. No, they do not.)

Super Bowl 50: Schedule, TV, Streaming, More

The single biggest sporting event of the year is here. Find out when, where, and how to watch the Super Bowl on Battle Red Blog.

2015 NFC Championship Game: Cardinals v. Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are playing the Arizona Cardinals for the NFC Championship today. Discuss the game with your fellow BRBers as you watch Cam Newton and Carson Palmer.

2015 AFC Championship Game: Patriots v. Broncos

Peyton Manning. Tom Brady. AFC Championship. Watch the game and discuss it with your fellow BRBers in our open thread.

2015 NFL Conference Championship Game Info

We're down to four teams in the 2015 NFL Playoffs, so we'll soon know who's playing in Super Bowl 50. Find the kickoff times, broadcast information, terrible predictions, and more for Patriots-Broncos and Cardinals-Panthers on Battle Red Blog.

NFL Divisional Round: Steelers v. Broncos

Big Ben versus Fivehead. The Steelers are hurting, the Broncos are rested. Will it be an easy win for Kubiak's men? Or will the thought of Tomlin's ire be enough to will the Steelers to victory?

2015 NFL Playoffs: Seahawks @ Panthers

Perhaps the league's two most valuable offensive players match up as Russell Wilson hits the road to visit Cam Newton and the Panthers.

2015 NFL Divisional Round: Packers v. Cardinals

The reigning MVP takes on the potential future MVP. Who comes out on top? Talk about the game live on BRB.

2015 NFL Divisional Round: Chiefs @ Patriots

The Patriots host the Chiefs today at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Join the conversation live on Battle Red Blog.

2015 NFL Playoffs: Game Times, TV Schedule, More

The Masthead predicts the Divisional Round, plus gives you the kickoff times and TV broadcast channels. Take a look. Tell us how right (or wrong) we are. Make your predictions, too.

Updated Super Bowl 50 Betting Odds

The Houston Texans have a 0% chance at winning the Super Bowl this year, guys. But you can see what the odds are for the teams that are still alive in the NFL Playoffs, though.

2015 NFL Playoffs: Green Bay at Washington

Cheeseheads are arriving en masse in the nation's capital to take on a team that's fans wear pig noses. The rest of America will marvel at two teams that haven't performed as expected this season as they compete to move on in the playoffs.

2015 NFL Playoffs: Seahawks at Vikings

The Seahawks are flying in to Minnesota for today's game against the Vikings. It's going to be cold. It's going to be ugly. It's going to be awesome to watch. Come inside and discuss the game.