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2015 NFL Playoffs: Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Want more playoff action? Good, because it's time for yet another ritual sacrifice of some poor visiting football team to a ravenous crowd of Seattle football fans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Broadcast Information:

Game time: 7:15 PM CST
Network: FOX

I would be lying if I said I expect this game to be evenly matched. The Seahawks are nigh unbeatable on their home turf, and they get to face a Panthers squad that finished the regular season below .500. Both defenses have played phenomenal football as of late, but when it comes down to it I trust Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch to deliver a victory a lot more than I trust Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart. Throw in an inconveniently timed season-ending foot injury to Star Lotulelei, and you have yourself a recipe for a one-sided affair.

Then again, this is the playoffs. I suppose anything can happen. Consider this your open thread for today's NFC Divisional game. Enjoy it, y'all...we only have a few weekends of football left.