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2015 NFL Playoffs: Indianapolis Colts v. Denver Broncos

Manning was still alive, to begin with. Join BRB for some Dickensian footed ball, as the ghost of Texans' beatings present travels to do battle with the ghost of Texans' beating past.

This picture triggers my PTSD.
This picture triggers my PTSD.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Broadcast Information:

Game time: 3:30 PM CST
Network: CBS

The final-est of our NFL Final Four will reveal itself today as the Indianapolis Colts take on the Denver Broncos.

My dislike of Peyton Manning is well-documented around these parts, so, predictably, I don't really want him to win and get one step closer to the Super Bowl.  On the other hand, the thought of Andrew Luck and the Colts getting to the Super Bowl just...ugh.  No.  So, we can't have that.

Which, I suppose, means that I'm rooting for a meteor.

Use this thread for your thoughts, observations, witticisms, and general discussion about the Colts, the Broncos, the 2015 NFL Playoffs, the schedule of the 2015 NFL Playoffs, any of the players on either team, continued laughing at Dez Bryant, or the fact that this last paragraph was obviously just an attempt to hit the minimum word count for our SBN overlords.