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2015 NFL Draft: Cardale Jones Will Stay At Ohio State

The hero of the national championship game has opted against entering the 2015 NFL Draft after a three game collegiate career. Did he make the right decision?

Still a Buckeye.
Still a Buckeye.
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like we can put all that talk about whether the Houston Texans should consider drafting Cardale Jones to rest for at least a year. Jones has decided to return to Ohio State for another season. From that last link:

A source close to the quarterback told ESPN's Joe Schad that the past 48 hours have been "very stressful" for Jones.

Noting that a high-third-round NFL draft pick could command close to $1 million in guaranteed salary, that person said "that kind of money isn't as easy as you get in your lifetime as you might think."

Congrats to Cardale Jones for making the right decision for himself. That doesn't mean the faceless hordes of the internet can't chime in, though. Do you think Cardale Jones should have entered the 2015 NFL Draft? Vote in the poll below and elaborate in the Comments.