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The Saturday Night Open Thread Returns! BRB Open Thread (1/17/2015)

"On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

Ryan Dunsmore

Welcome, esteemed members of our readership, to 2015's first edition of the Saturday Night Open Thread.

Can you believe the earth is actually 2014 years old? Whoa.

Who would you have cheered for had the Cowboys and Colts somehow both made it to the Super Bowl this year? Is this the worst case scenario for Texans fans? Or would you swap in the Titans instead? Honestly, I was halfway hoping Tony Romo would get a ring this year. If he wasn't a Cowboy, he wouldn't be as hated or criticized as he is today. The dude is pretty likable to me.

For no real reason, here's Everything Wrong With Batman And Robin.

That's all I got. Talk about this or anything else you want tonight. Enjoy!