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Houston Texans Promote Brian Gaine, But Not To General Manager

The Houston Texans are keeping Brian Gaine in town via a promotion, but not at the expense of Rick Smith continuing to serve as general manager. Read on for the details.

The one picture of Brian Gaine we have available to us.
The one picture of Brian Gaine we have available to us.
Getty Images/Getty Images

With the Houston Texans' front office losing its Director of College Scouting to the New York Jets earlier this week, there was some speculation that the organization could promote Brian Gaine to general manager to avoid losing him as well. We learned tonight that Gaine was in fact promoted, but not to general manager.

What this means in terms of Gaine's increased responsibilities and/or Rick Smith's diminished responsibilities as general manager is unknown at this point. What we do know is that Gaine isn't going anywhere, has a slightly altered title (going from Pro Personnel Director to Director of Player Personnel), presumably has some additional stroke within the front office, and that Rick Smith remains the Texans' general manager, at least in title. It remains to be seen whether this is the precursor to Rick Smith being moved or elevated to another role within the organization.