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2015 NFL Playoffs: Green Bay Packers v. Seattle Seahawks

Aaron Rodgers hobbles into the Clink. Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor await. This should be good.

In quiet moments between plays, he still reflects on how much OU sucks.
In quiet moments between plays, he still reflects on how much OU sucks.
Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Game Info

Kickoff: 2:05PM CST

Network: Fox

Line: Seattle -8.5

The wife and I plan our Super Bowl menu based on the teams that are playing in the game, so that fact usually pushes my non-Texans playoff rooting in one direction or another.  Case in point: I want to do something with seafood, and I'm not particularly big on beer cheese soup or brats, so I'm pulling for the Seahawks in this one.  (I'm pulling for the Patriots in the other game, but only partially because I want to make lobster rolls; not wanting the Colts to make a Super Bowl and wanting Tom Brady to make another Super Bowl appearance are larger factors. But I digress.)

If there's an X-factor today (h/t Dunsmore), it's gotta be the weather in Seattle.  Shockingly and totally unexpectedly, it's raining. (UPDATE: Apparently, the rain has subsided for a while.)

At the end of the day, though, I expect the Legion of Boom to put Aaron Rodgers in the backseat of a Volkswagen and for the Hawks to return to the Super Bowl by a score of 27-17.

Use this thread to discuss the early game, seafood generally, how great it would be to have the Seahawks' safeties in Houston, Marshawn Lynch's postgame-interview skills, and why Aaron Rodger's fake Willis Reed move in the season finale was embarrassing.