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2015 NFL Playoffs: Indianapolis Colts v. New England Patriots

Cheer for a meteor as the new school takes on the old school during the AFC Championship game.

"Take off your helmet first, dummy."
"Take off your helmet first, dummy."
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck and the Colts are traveling to Foxboro hoping to finally win a game against the Tom Brady and the Patriots. Since Luck was drafted in 2012, he's gone 0-3 against the Patriots, getting outscored 144-66. I, for one, would not like to see this streak broken.

I would like to see the Patriots obliterate the Colts so badly that Jim Irsay -- in his usual, Sunday drunken stupor -- sells the team to a Mexican Shad Khan, who promptly moves the team to Mexico City. (Spoiler alert: The Texans will not ever win an away game versus the Mexico City Caballos either.)

I would rather watch -- with binoculars -- as an actual colt got turned into glue at a glue factory than watch the Colts win a trip to the Super Bowl.

I would rather we trade away a first round pick so Matt Schaub can retire as a Texan, THAN WATCH ANDREW LUCK DO ANYTHING OF WORTH IN HIS ENTIRE CAREER.

I would rather sumo wrestle Vince Wilfork whilst covered in pork grease...

I would rather turn down a group date with Erin Andrews and Sasha Grey...

I would rather Tim traded me to the Titans' blog...

Feel free to add your own before the game starts.

Also, holy kitten at this Seattle comeback! WOW.