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J.J. Watt Makes All-Pro Team At Two Positions

Is anyone even surprised at this point?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Only one Houston Texan made the AP All-Pro team this season (seriously, how did Arian Foster not even get considered?), but that singular player managed to make the team in multiple spots.

That's right, Justin James Watt is now an All-Pro defensive end and defensive tackle. In a year where Watt became the first player in history to record 20+ sacks in two or more seasons, the first defensive lineman to score five touchdowns since before the Korean War, and the first defensive player to have an actually decent chance at the MVP Award since Lawrence Taylor, I suppose being a unanimous double All-Pro is the least of his ridiculous accomplishments in 2014.

All hail Watt. May his reign never end.