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Who Had The More Impressive First Year As Head Coach Of The Houston Texans--Gary Kubiak Or Bill O'Brien?

The Houston Chronicle's Jerome Solomon answered without hesitation and explained why. Do you agree or disagree?

Better first year than Gary Kubiak?
Better first year than Gary Kubiak?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In his column for today's Houston Chronicle, Jerome Solomon sought to advise the masses that Gary Kubiak could in fact find success as head coach of the Broncos, that Kubiak wasn't the failure a perfunctory examination of his record as head coach of the Texans might make him out to be. Solomon then included this line in the analysis, which served to get the goat of some Texans fans:

[Kubiak] [t]urning that ragtag bunch [in 2006] into a six-win team was a more impressive feat than Bill O'Brien's getting this season's Texans to 9-7.

To his credit, Solomon explained himself in a separate entry, listing twenty reasons why Gary Kubiak's 6-10 season as head coach of the Houston Texans in 2006 was a greater accomplishment than Bill O'Brien's maiden voyage of 9-7 in 2014.

I now ask for your thoughts on the matter. Who had the more impressive first year as head coach of the Houston Texans--Gary Kubiak or Bill O'Brien? Vote in the poll below and then take to the Comments to justify your opinion.