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Bill Kollar To Leave Houston Texans To Join Denver Broncos' Coaching Staff

Bill O'Brien has reportedly agreed to let the Texans' defensive line coach out of his contract so he can reunite with Gary Kubiak in Denver. Read on for more from Bill Kollar and some appreciation from Texans fans.

That's how we want to remember you, Kollar.
That's how we want to remember you, Kollar.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just saw this come across Twitter, thanks to the intrepid Mark Berman:

After being hired by Gary Kubiak to run the Texans' defensive line back in 2009, Kollar was one of only two assistant coaches not relieved of their duties when the Texans hired Bill O'Brien in January of 2014. The simple fact that Kollar was retained after a 2-14 train wreck is a testament to how highly he was thought of. Add to that fact that J.J. Watt has repeatedly professed his appreciation for Kollar, and this becomes an even tougher pill to swallow. Add to those truths that Bill Kollar once wrestled a freaking bear, and my heart is breaking tonight.

Best of luck to Coach Kollar as he embarks upon a new chapter in Denver and reunites with Kubes. And kudos to Bill O'Brien for letting one of his coaches leave to be closer to his family.

The attention of the fan base will now turn to speculating about who O'Brien will hire to replace Kollar as the Texans' defensive line coach.