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Gary Kubiak, Denver Broncos Hire Wade Phillips As Defensive Coordinator

Gary Kubiak really is getting the band back together in Denver, as he's hired yet another familiar (yet beloved) face to serve as his DC for the Broncos. Texans fans react.

Go kick arse in Denver, Wade.  Houston still loves you.
Go kick arse in Denver, Wade. Houston still loves you.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I saw it first from Aaron Wilson.

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about Gary Kubiak's second act as a head coach in the NFL. One of the criticisms frequently heard, particularly from Texans fans, is that Kubes is a frustrating creature of habit and unflappable loyalty when it comes to his coaching staff to the point of it being a glaring flaw. For example, while the hiring of Bill Kollar can generally be considered sound from any angle, it's hard to feel the same way about Kubiak once again deciding that Rick Dennison should be his offensive coordinator.

Wade Phillips, though? It's likely a very good move for the Broncos. Wade is legitimately a defensive guru, and the talk about him being a flameout after his first year calling a defense for a franchise is more myth than reality. While Texans fans will rightfully express disdain for the Texans' complete failure under Wade Phillips to slow down opposing offenses that spread the field out (e.g., Green Bay, New England, New England, etc.), I submit that you'd have to consider Wade's time in charge of the defense in Houston as a success overall. Yes, Wade has his flaws as a defensive playcaller, but the positives far outweighed the negatives. Plus, the man is true Houston football royalty. I'm rooting for Wade Phillips to succeed in Denver.

Meanwhile, Joe Marciano stares at his phone, waiting for it to light up with a Denver area code.

Check out what Broncos fans are saying about their new defensive coordinator over at Mile High Report. What's your reaction to Wade's return to the NFL in Denver under Gary Kubiak?