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Put Your Name On It: Predict the Super Bowl Champion

Put your pixels where your mouth is and let everyone know how smart you are (or are not).

No, we can take DeVry Posey. That's fine.
No, we can take DeVry Posey. That's fine.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven't noticed, we here at BRB are amazingly good at predictions.  Tim has never once been wrong in his weekly Three-and-Out posts.  My argument that Taylor Mays would be better than Eric Berry has clearly panned out.  And, at last word, Canton is already preparing a bust for Dorin Dickerson.

SO...rather than bore all of you with our surefire predictions of how the playoffs will unfold, we figured we would open the floor to you, the beloved readership of BRB, to predict the Super Bowl matchup and winner. If you also feel like picking the eventually Super Bowl MVP, that would also be welcome in the comments below.

Full disclosure: BFD reserves the right to permanently ban anyone who picks Dallas as the eventual champ.

And, because I can't resist putting my own thoughts into something like this, I'll go ahead and give you the correct answer now: Seattle over Pittsburgh.