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J.J. Watt Gets Screwed Out Of MVP Award Because He Doesn't Play QB

We all kind of figured that JJ Watt would get cheated out of the MVP award because he's not a QB. A bunch of jackhole voters made that official.

He is in fact No. 1 among all his peers in the NFL.
He is in fact No. 1 among all his peers in the NFL.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers was named 2014 NFL MVP.  Meaning, of course, that Justin James Watt was not named MVP this year.

Nevermind that Watt was the first ever unanimous DPOY. Ignore that Watt had a historically great season while Rodgers was just the best QB in the league this year (and not by a particularly large margin). Pretend that JJ's mic'd up segment isn't the most fascinating thing you've seen this year.

Yep. Ignore all of that stuff.  The voters certainly did.


OK, I realize this post could come off as sour grapes. And you know what? I'm ok with that. It is sour grapes, because this outcome is the systemic idiocy of the current state of the MVP and the voting format writ large.  We're all supposed to just nod and say, "oh, yeah, that makes sense because QBs are super valuable and the Packers made the playoffs and reasons and yada yada."  Screw that.