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The Definitive Houston Texans Word Cloud For The 2014 Season

Look familiar? Here are the top 200 words used by Texans commenters over on Reddit.

Redditor Niehaus assembled this slick-looking word cloud from the comments on the Texans Reddit. He even painted them in glorious Battle Red, Liberty White and Deep Steel Blue. If you add in bleach, Durga, rec'd and heh, you'd get a pretty close approximation of what we read in the comments 'round these parts the last few months.

The two main themes of the 2014 season were (1) our severe lack of trust in our quarterbacks, and (2) the absolute greatness of J.J. Watt. This word cloud reflects that quite clearly.

Here are the Top 30 words:

#1: texans:3384 times used
#2: qb:2601 times used
#3: fuck:2243 times used
#4: jj:1989 times used
#5: watt:1901 times used
#6: fucking:1613 times used
#7: pick:1418 times used
#8: shit:1393 times used
#9: fitz:1114 times used
#10: hope:1084 times used
#11: nfl:1051 times used
#12: draft:1025 times used
#13: clowney:1021 times used
#14: defense:1011 times used
#15: colts:994 times used
#16: line:994 times used
#17: houston:978 times used
#18: football:863 times used
#19: god:851 times used
#20: offense:842 times used
#21: damn:832 times used
#22: andre:749 times used
#23: foster:741 times used
#24: keenum:735 times used
#25: start:734 times used
#26: thought:732 times used
#27: schaub:720 times used
#28: playoffs:719 times used
#29: field:707 times used
#30: bob:695 times used

Get the full list of words and other variations of the word cloud here.

Notice how "keenum" nearly passed up "andre" and "foster" despite Case Keenum not entering the fold until well into the final act of the season? Yeah, we're pretty desperate for a quarterback, aren't we?

Leave your thoughts on the profanity-laced word cloud down below.