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Report: Jameis Winston Will Enter 2015 NFL Draft

That's not surprising news. But what do Texans fans think of the possibility of Florida State's quarterback coming to Houston?

If Winston slid to No. 16, would you?
If Winston slid to No. 16, would you?
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

While the news that Florida State QB Jameis Winston will in fact enter the 2015 NFL Draft is hardly shocking, it does warrant mention and perhaps discussion from the standpoint of the Houston Texans. At first glance, Bob McNair's past remarks about what the organization won't tolerate in its employees would seem to immediately eliminate Winston from consideration in Houston.

"There are three things that are unacceptable to us," owner Bob McNair said. "Someone who abuses women; we don't put up with that. People who do that are just a bully. Bullies are usually not courageous when they're facing someone as strong as they are.

"The second thing is if there's been substance abuse. That can become a habit, and they might bring that habit with them. I'm not talking about someone who smoked marijuana. I'm talking about a persistent user of drugs. We take them off the list.

"The third thing is someone who rebels against authority. We have a very strong chain of command. Our coaches don't want to have a debate with a player every time they tell him to do something."

It should be noted that those words from McNair are more than two years old, that they were uttered when a different coaching staff was in charge, and that Jameis Winston has not been convicted of sexual assault or substance abuse in a criminal court of law.

While it may be difficult to fathom a scenario where the Texans would choose to employ Jameis Winston, I realize that there may be some who believe that Winston is simply too talented to pass on should he fall to the No. 16 spot where the Texans are drafting.

Hence, the poll below. In the event Jameis Winston was available when the Houston Texans went on the clock with the sixteenth overall pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, would you want the Texans to draft him? Vote and explain your reasoning in the Comments below.