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The Houston Texans 2014 Season, As Told By Tim And Ryan

We combine the works of a wordsmith and a photoshop guru to present to you a unique summary of the Texans' 2014 campaign.

Two aspects of Battle Red Blog that set it apart from the other blogs are Tim's weekly headers and Ryan's brilliant photoshop work. I had the idea of somehow combining them earlier this year, and then SBNation debuted this handy little meme generator, so voilà!

Sometimes the headers and the photoshop work together well, and sometimes they're about two different things, as Tim and Ryan come up with these independently. Either way when paired together they paint a nice little picture of what we were all thinking as fans that week.

The Houston Texans finished 9-7, falling just short of playoff spot, thanks to the Cleveland Browns dropping a brown against the Baltimore Ravens.

Enjoy the gallery and leave your thoughts, praise, etc. down below. Which week is your favorite?