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Houston Texans Fire Offensive Line Coach Paul Dunn

After just one year, the Texans are in the market for an offensive line coach again. See what made Bill O'Brien make this decision, possible replacement candidates, and more on Battle Red Blog.

That's Paul Dunn.
That's Paul Dunn.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After just one season in Houston, Paul Dunn has been told his services as the Texans' offensive line coach are no longer needed.

Somewhere, Charles Spencer surely approves of this move.

While I wouldn't say the Texans' offensive line was great this past year, I am simultaneously surprised and excited by the move. Surprised, in that I would not have thought Dunn would get canned after the OL's performance in 2014; again, it wasn't great, but it certainly wasn't abysmal, and I would have figured Derek Newton's undeniable and profound improvement might have single-handedly merited a return engagement for Dunn. Excited, in that it would appear Bill O'Brien does not mess around. If you don't perform up to his expectations, you're gone. That sharply contrasts with the previous regime under Gary Kubiak, where it generally took an act of Congress for a coach to be fired.

React to the news and share any thoughts you have about who should be the next offensive line coach for the Texans (perhaps this time Brian Ferentz really will come to Houston?) below.