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Pro Football Focus Previews Texans-Falcons

PFF has some reviews of how the Texans and Falcons fared in their respective wins last week, as well as a look at what might happen when the teams meet up in Atlanta on Sunday.

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He's gonna get Nuk'd on Sunday.
He's gonna get Nuk'd on Sunday.
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Pro Football Focus has taken some well-deserved heat the last few days over their assessment of Aaron Rodgers' 5 TD performance in the Packers' win over the Chiefs, but that doesn't mean that we won't gladly review their preview of the Texans' upcoming game against the Falcons. Take this with as many grains of salt as you wish.

Texans Overview:

· Here’s our game analysis for last week’s win against the Buccaneers.

· Ryan Mallet posted a career-best rating of +1.1 last week and checks in as the 28th overall quarterback in the league (of those that have played at least 25% of the snaps) with a -4.8 rating after three weeks.

· DeAndre Hopkins (+2.4 overall rating) is tied for third in the league in the number of targets (39), but his percentage caught (56.4%) ranks 54th amongst receivers with a minimum of 50% of their team’s snaps.

· J.J. Watt is the second-best 3-4 defensive end with a +12.1 overall rating, including a +8.1 pass rush rating and a +2.4 run defense rating.

· Linebackers Brian Cushing (+4.6 overall) and Jadeveon Clowney (+3.6 overall) lead the Texans run defense with +6.1 and +4.5 ratings respectively.

· Houston has the 26th overall rated offense (-33.5) and the league’s second-worst rated passing offense (-15.7). However, the Texans have the league’s eighth rated defense at +11.3.

Ryan Mallett is a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers. I mean, tell us something we don't already know, PFF.

PFF weighs in on the undefeated Falcons as well.

Falcons Overview:

Here’s a look back at Atlanta’s week two victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Read about how Atlanta’s resurgence begins with their offensive line up front.

Check out where Matt Ryan ranks within our Top-10 rankings for quarterbacks across the league.

Julio Jones leads all receivers with a +14.1 rating on 178 snaps. He leads the league with 170 yards after contact and 43 targets (34 completions) thus far.

Atlanta has the league’s second-best offense overall (+33.3 rating), but the 26th-rated overall defense (-16.6 rating).

Desmond Trufant (+2.8 rating) will likely draw the assignment of DeAndre Hopkins and he’s allowed just three receptions on seven targets for 60 yards this season.

Starting middle linebacker Paul Worrilow is our second-worst rated inside linebacker (minimum of 25% of the snaps) with a -11.8 rating on 182 defensive snaps.

As a Texans fan, isn't that Trufant stat one of the more interesting and troubling things you've read this week?

Texans vs Falcons coverage
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