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BRB FF Updates: Survival and Pick'Em

Howdy, folks. Come check out updates on the Survival and Pick 'Em leagues inside.

He's trying to point out a pick so we can pick'em.
He's trying to point out a pick so we can pick'em.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

As you know, BRB is hosting a Pick 'Em League and a Survival League this season. At this point, we've already got some participants who are dead in the water, but plenty of members are doing just fine.

In our Survival League, six people have already been eliminated from participation. That's not hot, but it does mean that most of the original band of participants are alive, if not exactly thriving. Four participants (J.J.Watt'sOmnipotentArmbrace, ketchuppants7, Straight Cash Homie, and TexanFanInMI) have yet to guess wrong any week, so kudos to them.

In our Pick 'Em, four of the 87 participants are batting .000. I'm going to believe that's because they haven't submitted picks. That may not be the case, but that's what we'll go with. Congratulations to Dictatin', who is currently in the lead with a 31-16 record.

For those of y'all who are worrying about your picks, don't hesitate to ask for tips in the comments below!

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