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What's Been The Biggest Disappointment Over The Texans' First Five Games Of 2015?

At 1-4, the Houston Texans have been a colossal disappointment. What's been the biggest part of that letdown? Texans fans chime in on Battle Red Blog.

Is the answer to the question Bill O'Brien?
Is the answer to the question Bill O'Brien?
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Five games into the 2015 regular season, the Houston Texans are 1-4. They have all too frequently been outplayed, outcoached, outschemed, outsmarted, out-everything'd. We'll learn soon enough whether the ten days between last week's loss to the Colts and Sunday's upcoming game against the Jaguars in Jacksonville will result in a better product. Until then, let's talk about why the Texans have been so bad.

If you had to point to one aspect of the horror that has been the first five games of 2015, what would you say has been the most disappointing?

Bill O'Brien?
Romeo Crennel?
George Godsey?
Houston's quarterback play from Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer?
The fact that the organization chose to enter the season with one of those aforementioned players as its starting quarterback?
Bad injury luck, including but not limited to a lack of Arian Foster and Duane Brown?
The secondary? Or, if you want to put a finer point on it, the play of Johnathan Joseph, Kareem Jackson, Rahim Moore, and/or Eddie Pleasant?
Special teams, whether it be the subpar coverage, an inability to consistently manage average returns on kicks and punts, or poor kicking from Randy Bullock (I guess you could lump Nick Novak in here if you really wanted to)?
The disappearance of a pass rush that was supposed to strike fear in the hearts of opponents?
Something else?

The fact that there are so many legitimate possibilities shows how bad things have been. Share your thoughts on the matter and discuss below.

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