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What's Been The Biggest Positive Over The Texans' First Five Games Of 2015?

With all the bad that's been written about the Texans' bad start to the 2015 season, let's switch things up a bit and find some good to discuss.

Hey, it's not his fault the punt coverage team is consistently awful.
Hey, it's not his fault the punt coverage team is consistently awful.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, I asked you what you thought the biggest disappointment over the first five games of the 2015 season was. Today, I return to ask what you believe the biggest positive, or best thing, to come out of this 1-4 start is.

Obviously, there's not nearly as much grist for the mill in responding to this question. When a team goes 1-4 in the fashion the Houston Texans have, there's a whole lot more wrong than right. But that doesn't mean that you can't find something to praise.

So what is it? What's been the single best thing about the first five games of the Texans' season?

DeAndre Hopkins showing he's a legitimate WR1?
J.J. Watt, because there's always J.J. Watt to get excited about?
Arian Foster returning from what many initially feared was a season-ending injury?
Speaking of inspiring comebacks, how about Jadeveon Clowney playing the way he has less than a year removed from microfracture surgery?
Shane Lechler continuing to defy Father Time?
Oday Aboushi, an in-season waiver wire pickup, doing his part to stabilize a shaky offensive line?
Jaelen Strong perhaps showing he's ready to consistently contribute after he finally saw the field against the Colts?

Surely there's more and I'm just forgetting them right now. Pump some sunshine in the Comments below.

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