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NFL Power Rankings 2015: Texans Drop To Lowest Ranking Yet After Fourth Loss In Five Games

The Texans are somehow in the playoff race and the race for the first overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft at the exact same time. Let that sink in for a moment.

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The Texans just suffered one of their most embarrassing losses of the last few years, which is really saying something when you consider the overall heartbreak for this franchise since their magical runs in 2011 and 2012. As a result, Houston is once again ranked among the very worst teams in the NFL across various media power rankings.



Last Week


SB Nation


25 (down 5)




28 (down 2)

Forget the quarterback situation. The Texans have forced a league-low two turnovers this season after forcing a league-high 34 last season. The defense needs to step up.


30 (down 1)

Bill O'Brien isn't toying with the media or fans in changing his mind on the starting quarterback -- he's toying with the football team, and not in a good way. As former head coach Brian Billick said to us on "NFL HQ" Friday morning, no coach wants to be where the Texans' head man is right now. It's just a horrible spot to be in. Of course, either QB could make it easier on him by simply playing better. The correct choice? Brian Hoyer.

Bleacher Report


32 (none)

I'm already running out of anything remotely new to write about the Houston Texans, which is troubling since we're only through Week 5. Every week we see some version of a similar story from a team that's completely rudderless at quarterback.

Fox Sports 31

27 (down 4)

The Texans will eventually get a boost from Arian Foster as he rounds into form, but Foster can’t play defense. The collapse of Houston’s defense is one of the most surprising developments in 2015.

USA Today


25 (down 3)

Until they find a way to combine the best attributes of their quarterback tandem, it won't be pretty. #BrianMallett #RyanHoyer

Yahoo Sports


27 (down 1)

It's kind of shocking how few legitimate blue-chip players the Texans have on the roster. How did it get so thin?

CBS Sports (Prisco)


29 (down 2)

They have quarterback issues, but the poor defensive play is the major issue. That unit is struggling.

Washington Post


28 (down 1)

Brian Hoyer back in, Ryan Mallett back out. Does it really matter at this point?



27.9 (down 2.1)


You know what is the most messed up part about all of this? Somehow, someway, the Texans are only 2.5 games back in the division with 11 games still to play. The Colts are likely going to move to 3-3 next week when the New England Patriots' Revenge Tour makes a stop in Indianapolis.  If Houston wins in Jacksonville on Sunday, they will suddenly move into second place in the AFC South. I honestly cannot remember the last time when it seemed like the season was both simultaneously over and also so full of hope.  Yet here we are.


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