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NFL Survival/Pick 'Em Update: But It's Just A Sweet, Sweet Fantasy, BRB

Check in for our weekly fantasy football update here at BRB.

He's pretty awesome on my fantasy team.
He's pretty awesome on my fantasy team.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: A new $2,000,000 one-week fantasy football league has opened on FanDuel for Week 6. First place wins $150,000 on Sunday. Join now!

Afternoon, folks. We're all getting ready to tune into Thursday Night Football to see the Falcons and Saints, but we've got some fantasy housekeeping to check in on first.

In our Pick 'Em League, kc6893 stands tall at 45-31, good for first in the league. Congrats, kc. You're getting closer and closer to that furry panda sponge bath. Keep up the good work!

In our Survival League, ketchuppants7, Straight Cash Homie, and TexanFanInMI are locked in a three-way tie for the BFD sponge bath. We lost eight participants with the Week Five results, thanks to the Saints, Texans, and Chiefs dooming folks (along with the deadly failure to submit a winner before the deadline--don't do that, folks! Don't die like that!!!).

This is your weekly reminder to submit your selections and chat below about the spread and other fantasy things like that. Discuss strategies, frustrations, the nature of spread betting (very important for Pick 'Em, so if you don't get it, please ask in the comments and stop losing).

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