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Pro Football Focus Previews Texans-Jaguars

The Houston Texans play their second consecutive game against an AFC South opponent this week. Take a look at PFF's preview and analysis before the Texans and Jaguars take the field in Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon.

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Is Blake Bortles actually respectable, if not good, now?
Is Blake Bortles actually respectable, if not good, now?
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Focus has their preview of the Texans' next AFC South tilt ready for your perusal. What are your thoughts on the Texans-Jaguars data below?

Texans Overview:

· Here’s our game analysis for last week’s loss against the Colts.

· Brian Hoyer is the league’s 15th-rated QB (minimum 25% of the snaps) with a +1.4 rating, while Ryan Mallett is ranked 25th with a -4.2 rating.

· DeAndre Hopkins (+5.8 overall rating) continues to the lead the league in targets by a wide margin (75), 17 more than Julio Jones at number two (58).

· Hopkins is clearly the leader of the Houston offense registering 140 more snaps (405) than the next closest receiver (Cecil Shorts) and being the only positively graded receiver on the roster.

· Right Guard Brandon Brooks is tied for the seventh-rated guard in the league with a +8.1 overall rating, including the third-highest pass blocking rating amongst guards at +5.9.

· J.J. Watt is the best 3-4 defensive end with a +19.1 overall rating and 19 stops, despite posting his worst overall rating since 2011.

· Jared Crick is the worst-rated (49th) 3-4 defensive end at -10.0, including a -6.0 pass rush rating and a -5.1 run defense rating.

· Meanwhile, read about how Jadeveon Clowney has emerged as a dominant run defender for the Texans. Clowney is Houston’s second-overall defensive player with a +9.7 rating on 234 snaps.

· Houston has been middle of the road with the 18th overall rated offense (-20.0) and the 15th rated defense (+9.6).

Jadeveon Clowney's ability to immediately step in and make an impact less than a year after undergoing microfracture surgery will never cease to amaze me. I always thought 2016 would be the first time we could reasonably hope--not expect--Clowney to return to the player he was before he got hurt. He's still not all the way back, of course, but what we've seen is so, so encouraging.

Jaguars Overview:

· Here’s a look back at Jacksonville’s week five loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

· Read all about the improvement that Blake Bortles has made this season.

· Bortles was the worst-rated QB last year (-35.7 overall, minimum 25% of the snaps), but currently ranks number nine this season with a +5.1 rating, including back-to-back positive grades for the first time in his career.

· Jacksonville possesses a pair of dynamic receivers in Allen Hurns (+5.6) and Allen Robinson (+5.2) who rank 10th and 13th in the league respectively.

· Rookie T.J. Yeldon has improved the Jaguars rushing attack, posting a +2.9 overall rating and ranking 15th in the league with an elusive rating of 41.3.

· Telvin Smith leads the Jacksonville defense with 370 snaps, but he is the worst rated 4-3 OLB with a -9.2 overall rating, including a -7.8 rating in pass coverage.

· After possessing the league’s worst overall rated offense last season with a -148.7 rating, Jacksonville currently has the league’s 11th overall offense this year with a -7.5 rating.

Is Blake Bortles really trending up, firmly on his way toward being a good starting quarterback in the NFL? Assuming Bortles plays (and it seems like he will), that's the thing I'm most interested to watch on Sunday.

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