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Sunday Night Football: New England Patriots v. Indianapolis Colts

It's an AFC showdown as the Patriots take on the Colts for tonight's edition of Sunday Night Football. Share your thoughts live during the game with fellow fans right here on Battle Red Blog.

Burn it to the ground, Tom.
Burn it to the ground, Tom.
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Tonight's rematch of the two teams who battled each other in last year's AFC Championship game might be an exact repeat of Indy receiving a beatdown by New England.  The Colts have not looked very good so far this season, while the Patriots have been clearly sending a message to the world with each game played thus far.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady and the Patriots are undefeated and will look to stay that way with a win in Indy.  If history is any indication of what to expect tonight, provided the following:

The Patriots (4-0) have faced the Colts (3-2) four times since Chuck Pagano took over as the Indy coach and No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck replaced Peyton Manning at quarterback.Read

The results of those four games were blowout wins for the Patriots with final scores of 59-24 in Foxborough in 2012, 43-22 in the postseason at Gillette Stadium following the 2013 season, 42-20 in Indianapolis last November and 45-7 in last January's controversial AFC Championship game in New England.

Each game was a 40-plus-point output for Tom Brady's team. Each included New England running the ball with impressive ease, including 40-plus attempts in the last three meetings.Read

Four games with an average margin of victory of 29 points.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are 3-0 in their division, and 3-2 overall, but that doesn't strike fear in anyone when you consider they are only winning against their AFC South opponents.  Andrew Luck has been out with a shoulder injury, and he has been listed as questionable all week leading up to tonight's game. provided the following:

Yes, Andrew Luck is still "questionable" for Sunday night, but he did practice all week, throwing in front of the media all three days, something he hasn't done since being injured.

Luck was a "full" participant on Friday for the first time since prior to Week Three.

Chuck Pagano also didn't rule anyone OUT for Sunday night, the first time that has happened all season. preview:

Will this be another thrashing of the Colts by the Patriots, or will Chuck Pagano find a way to lead his team to victory at home?  Most Texans fans are likely licking their chops in hopes it is a totally one-sided affair by New England.

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