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Houston Texans Claim Charles James Off Waivers

One of the stars of the latest edition of "Hard Knocks" is a Texan again after the Baltimore Ravens parted ways with him.

Not pictured: crazy socks.
Not pictured: crazy socks.
Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

First, I saw this.

Intrigued, I did a quick Twitter search and found that yes, "Hard Knocks" aficionados, Charles James II is in fact a member of the Houston Texans again.

While it's truly unfortunate that it took Lonnie Ballentine's gruesome season-ending injury for it to happen, I imagine a majority of Texans fans are happy to see a guy who so many were rooting for during the preseason and who was one of the final cuts when the team finalized its initial 53-man roster on Labor Day Weekend return. From a purely football perspective, it would stand to reason that James will improve the Texans' special teams coverage units; for all the physical shortcomings he may have at cornerback, he did perform well on special teams throughout the preseason, and the Texans are sorely lacking in that department.

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