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Monday Night Football: NY Giants at Philadelphia Eagles

Join the conversation in Battle Red Blog's open thread for Monday Night Football's matchup between the NY Giants and Philadelphia Iggles.

Anybody up there wanna smell my finger?  It smells like fail.
Anybody up there wanna smell my finger? It smells like fail.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Many of you know we've been hosting Colts fans in the basement for several years.  Aside from the lingering puke smell, wine cooler bottles in the bushes, and the occasional inability to pay the delivery guy for their pizzas, it's been a fun, bondageing relationship.  In that spirit of brotherhood, I give you the following:

And this:

Tee hee!

Tonight, the self anointed smartest football coach in the history of the world, Chip Kelly, faces off against the New York Giants.

You remember Chip Kelly, right?  He's the guy who didn't re-sign his best wide receiver in Jeremy Maclin, dropped one of the best guards in football in Evan Mathis, traded a replacement level quarterback for a replacement level quarterback who makes eleventy billion dollars more, signed one running back for eleventytytyty billion dollars and another for almost as much, signed the immensely over-rated Byron Maxwell to watch guys run past him, traded one of the best slot cornerbacks in the league for a bag of used diapers, and signed Tim Tebow to a training camp program, who still takes longer to wind up and throw than it took you to read this sentence.  Yes, I'm talking about that Chip Kelly.

Meanwhile, for the Giants, you all need to root for Andre Williams to score at least...40!?!?!...40 points?...are...are you serious? all need to root for Andre Williams to score 40 points or you'll all be summarily banned.

Usual open thread rules apply, so be kind to each other.  And, yes, I will take a beer while you're up.  Also a foot rub.