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NFL Fantasy Football Update: But Sometimes A Fantasy Is All You Need, BRB

Afternoon, BRB. It's your weekly Pick 'Em and Survival updates and reminders to submit selections before the deadline. Wander in to see who's in the lead, and ask for help if necessary.

He's on my fantasy team!
He's on my fantasy team!
Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

Those of you who aren't living under a rock know that BRB is hosting two fantasy football gigs this season. This is your weekly update, as well as your weekly gentle reminder to submit your selections in the hopes of winning so you can get that sponge bath from BFD.

In our weekly Pick 'Em, we have a new frontrunner this week. "Hell and Death" (a name I suppose came from the members' idea of better options that being a BESF) has tied kc6893 for the lead with a 50-39 record. Congrats to both.

In our Survival League, more than half the field has been eliminated, but we've still got Straight Cash Homie and TexanFanInMI leading the way with zero strikes against them. Congrats to both, again.

If you still need some help learning how Pick 'Em and Survival work, feel free to shout a question out in the comments. We're here to help

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