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Countdown To Kickoff: Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins

Morning, folks. Step inside and countdown to your weekly dose of Texans action on the field. The good guys are in Miami this week, and we're eagerly awaiting their performance!

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

We're all tuned in to our computers to stream Jets at Jaguars at Wembley this morning, but there's Texans football being played later today as well. Our team has flown to Miami to face the Dolphins, who recently put Joe Philbin out of his misery and moved on.

We're gratified by a win last week against the Jags at their house, but Miami is possibly a better team right now that Blake Bortles' crew, so this should be a bit more of a challenge, especially since our team is not exactly awesome, and we're injured and missing starters.

Even so, we're loyal Texans fans.  We've tuned in every Sunday thus far, and today will be no different.  Let us all know in the Comments what you're expecting to see, what you're scared to see, and what you hope to see. As for me, I hope for a victory. Go Texans!

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