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Report: Ryan Mallett Missed Team Charter Flight To Miami

The Houston Texans' backup quarterback missed the flight with his team and had to catch a commercial flight to Miami. Read the latest news here on Battle Red Blog.

"Man...left my phone on vibrate again."
"Man...left my phone on vibrate again."
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mallett isn't earning too many points in the Bill O'Brien scoring system of accountability.  You may recall that he was late to practice during training camp shortly after it was announced that Brian Hoyer would be the starting quarterback.

It is now being reported that he missed the team's charter flight to Miami and had to take a commercial flight to catch up with his fellow Houston Texans.  It is also coming out that Mallett overslept and missed the team charter bus in Virginia during joint practices with Washington.

I can only imagine what Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith are thinking at this time.  One thing I'm thinking is that they shouldn't have put Tom Savage on season-ending I/R for his shoulder injury.  That decision really handcuffs them into keeping Mallett as the backup, and limits how much they can develop Savage this year.

Here are some tweets on the latest.  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE FROM TIM: It should also be reported that someone had the story about Mallett missing the team charter YESTERDAY, long before anyone else did. We know this because that person tweeted BRB yesterday.

That qualified as news to me, so I replied like this:

As we now know, @HN_JAD had great information, and he deserves credit for breaking the story.

Feel free to tweet him to thank him for sharing the information, and then react to the news that Ryan Mallett continues to show an absurd inability to act like a professional.

UPDATE II: Oh, cool. Just a little traffic. All's forgiven, Ryan.  It's not like you could plan ahead for something like that.

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