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Late Afternoon Games Open Thread: Week 7

Want some more football to wipe away any Texans-related memories from today? Good, because luckily we've got two more matchups to watch.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The afternoon slate of games this week is relatively light today, with only a pair of contests on the docket. In the NFC, the Cowboys and Giants will be wrapping up their season series today up at Metlife Stadium, while the AFC has the Raiders and Chargers meeting in San Diego to decide who gets to relocate to Los Angeles.

Here is a coverage map for today’s afternoon action, courtesy of 506 Sports. Most of you will be stuck watching Dallas flounder under the leadership of Matt Cassel. The lucky few of you in California (like yours truly) will get to ogle Derek Carr and play the "what if" game all afternoon.


Texans vs Dolphins coverage