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Texans-Dolphins Final Score: Embarrassing Effort Dooms Texans In An Embarrassing Season

In a season full of ugly losses, this might be the ugliest one yet. Get the recap here on Battle Red Blog.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Dolphins 44, Texans 26.

It's rare that a game enters garbage time after just one quarter, but that's exactly what happened to the Houston Texans against the Miami Dolphins today.

After just fifteen minutes, the Dolphins secured themselves a commanding lead, shredding a hapless Texans defense for multiple 50+ yard touchdowns. And not of the long bomb variety, either. Short routes turned into monster plays as Texans defenders took poor angles, missed tackles and were generally out of position against relatively unknown players.

Ryan Tannehill, who's hovered around mediocre to okay all of his career, didn't miss a pass until well into the fourth quarter. His 18 straight completions against Houston helped him set a new NFL record with 25 completions in a row, going back to last week.

Offensively, the Texans were dead on arrival. Brian Hoyer started the game missing 10 of his first 11 passes. Six of their first eight possessions ended in punts; the other two ended with a pick six and a turnover on downs in the Dolphins' red zone.

One drive featured three straight sacks of Hoyer, bringing up a laughable 4th and 36.

By the time the first half ended, Bill O'Brien's Texans were down 41-0. And whatever scores or stats that happened after that are irrelevant.

Adding injury to insult, Arian Foster, who had 125 total yards and two scores, was helped off the field with an Achilles injury late in the fourth quarter.

Quite frankly, it's time for someone to lose their job. Bill O'Brien hollered on Hard Knocks about this team's losing history and lack of respect around the league, but he's done nothing but make it worse. Some combination of him and Rick Smith has made this team a bigger laughingstock than it already was. Whether it be the deplorable talent at quarterback, the razor thin depth at just about all positions, disappointing draft classes, or money flushed down the toilet on replacement-level-or-worse free agents, it's all led to this.

O'Brien is quickly going down as another in a long line of failed Bill Belichick disciples.

There are only so many words I'm willing to devote to this garbage right now, so I'm going to wrap this up here. The Houston Texans are 2-5, but might as well be 0-7.

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