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Texans-Dolphins: Arian Foster Suffers Achilles Injury Late In Fourth Quarter Of Blowout Loss

The Texans' star running back appeared to suffer a significant injury late in a game that was well out of hand. Fan reaction is sure to be swift and profound on Battle Red Blog.

Why was he even playing when he got hurt?
Why was he even playing when he got hurt?
Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans fans just watched the team's best offensive player (with all due respect to DeAndre Hopkins) crumple to the ground with a non-contact injury late in the fourth quarter of a game where the Texans trailed 41-0 at halftime. Judging by Arian Foster's immediate reaction to the injury, many of us assumed the worst, and early word is that those fears were justified.

Assuming it is in fact an Achilles tear, Arian Foster's season is over. It's entirely fair to question why he was even in a game where his team was getting blown out, and that's before you even get to his injury history. Bill O'Brien just got himself one more uncomfortable question to answer for in an afternoon that presented a number of them.

UPDATE: Yup, it's bad.

UPDATE II: Game over, man. Game over.